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Disputes, problems and challenges are a reality of life and commerce. am legal provides advice and dispute resolution.

We assist people with planning and managing their legal affairs, whether the issue is of a personal or business nature.

In the event of a dispute, am legal is able to conduct negotiations on our client's behalf, and prepare the necessary documents to reflect the agreements and to provide you with the certainty and security which the law can accommodate.

However, if you cannot reach agreement and your dispute proceeds to court, we can prepare the necessary documents and litigate with an 'outcome' focused approach.

An example of successful litigation include Pratt v. Pratt [2012] FamCACF81. However, our list of cases that have reached judgement is slim and we are proud of our record of settling 95% of disputes prior to trial.

workplace relations

  • employment and independent contractor agreements
  • employment matters (including termination and redundancy)
  • discrimination and bullying

commercial services

  • contracts (drafting, advice and dispute resolution)
  • dispute resolution
  • renting / leasing
  • company incorporations

personal relationships (marriage and de facto)

  • divorce
  • property settlement
  • asset protection
  • pre-nuptial / cohabitation / lifestyle agreements
  • spousal maintenance / settlement

personal services

  • wills and testamentary trusts
  • enduring powers of attorney
  • enduring powers of guardianship
  • probate and the administration of deceased estates
  • inheritance claims
  • succession and estate planning
  • contesting a will

government / public law

  • concerns/disputes with government agencies, tribunals or local government/council decisions
  • law reform
  • public interest issues
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