Our commitment to the community

AM Legal is strongly committed to participating in the community.

'People like to characterise lawyers as driven only by money but the truth is there are thousands of lawyers who take on work every day for free or a significantly reduced rate because they want to help those really in need...'
John Corker, Director of the National Pro Bono Resource Centre.

We undertake pro bono work in appropriate cases. We believe pro bono work is a fundamental professional and ethical responsibility for all lawyers.

We are a signatory to the National Pro Bono Resource Centres pro bono target. As a signatory, we have agreed to provide pro bono legal services to low income, marginalised or disadvantaged people who would otherwise have no other access to legal assistance. We undertake a minimum of 35 hours per year, per lawyer, of pro bono work. For more information about this commitment see http://www.nationalprobono.org.au/target/

AM Legal will consider each potential pro bono matters on a case by case basis, according to its merit.

AM Legal is a member of JusticeNet Incorporated, and we prefer to receive referrals directly from them.

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